Looking After People (June 2, 2022)

I've often wondered why I've always been attracted to jobs that revolved around people. When you think about it, there are many jobs whose purpose is to help others. Most particularly a paramedic, a health care worker, teachers and others … but there are specific jobs centered on helping people achieve an important goal.

In my case, when I look back, I've always been more motivated and happier when I'm in a position where I interact regularly with people and help them towards a goal or an achievement. I've been an IT Specialist, and International Housing Coordinator in Europe, a Help Desk Supervisor in Kingston, a Realtor's assistant for nearly 10 years and the job I've enjoyed the most is being a REALTOR. In each case my decision towards these jobs was founded on interacting with and helping people.

I'm a passionate person but this doesn't always work in my favour, as I do tend to get very invested in my client's success … which translates into an emotional investment. I guess I think at times I should be less involved but then that wouldn't be me!

My daughter asked me recently why I liked working with people so much. My answer was: it's getting to know people, getting to know them not just as clients but as friends. Sharing their success and knowing that I was part of it and helping them achieve their goals and at the same time achieving mine! A win, win!

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